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Oracle PL/SQL Course Overview:

PL/SQL is an imperative 3GL that was designed specifically for the seamless processing of SQL commands. It provides specific syntax for this purpose and supports exactly the same datatypes as SQL. Server-side PL/SQL is stored and compiled in Oracle Database and runs within the Oracle executable. It automatically inherits the robustness, security, and portability of Oracle Database. 

Oracle PL/SQL Course Content: 

PL/SQL Workshop 1:
  • Overview of PL/SQL.
  • PL/SQL Language Fundamentals -1
  • PL/SQL Language Fundamentals -2
  • PL/SQL Data Types –Simple
  • PL/SQL Coding Standards & Good Practices.
  • PL/SQL Control Statements-1
  • PL/SQL Control Statements-2
  • PL/SQL Subprograms-1
  • PL/SQL Subprograms-2
  • PL/SQL Exception Handling
  • PL/SQL Cursors-1
  • PL/SQL Cursors-2
PL/SQL Workshop 2:
  • Pl/SQL Records
  • PL/SQL Collections-1
  • PL/SQL Collections-2
  • PL/SQL-Bulk Collect and Bulk Bind
  • PL/SQL Triggers
  • Pl/SQL Dynamic Queries

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